Prof. Nelson Maculan (PESC) will be one of the four participants in the Panel entitled "Social, Economic and Political Impacts of Computing Technologies" at the 42nd Congress of the Brazilian Computer Society.

This special session with researchers from the field of Computing and the Brazilian Academy of Sciences will be held on August 2, 2022, at 7 pm, at Sala Nelson Pereira dos Santos (UFF).

The following will participate in the Panel:
Celso Ribeiro who will talk about "Polarization and fake news on social networks";
Luis Lamb will speak on "The impact of deep techs on economic development";
Nelson Maculan will speak on "The importance of basic science research for development"; and
Nivio Ziviani will talk about "Scientific entrepreneurship: how to make it happen".

We are sure that it will be a great panel on the topic.