The LUDES team - Ludology, Engineering and Simulation Laboratory, from PESC's Data and Knowledge Engineering line, participated with 16 articles (long and short) in SBGames 2023 and, in addition to being present in several tracks, also won several awards:

1- Arts and Design Track - Second Place - Short Article: ESG+P Evolution: A Videogame Proposal for Teaching the New ESG Concept. Miguel Santos de Araujo do Nascimento (Graduating student IC/UFRJ), Gabriel Santos de Araujo do Nascimento (Graduating student IC/UFRJ), Marcus Vinícius Parreiras (PhD student PESC/UFRJ), Geraldo Xexéo (Professor PESC/UFRJ), Marcos Felipe Magalhães (former -Post Doc and LUDES collaborator) [Final Project in progress at IC]

2- Arts and Design Track - Second Place - Full Article: Balancing the ESG+P game using Machinations: a Case Study. Farmy Silva (Doctoral Student PESC/UFRJ), Leandro Ouriques (Doctoral Student of the Brazilian Navy and PESC/UFRJ), Marcus Vinícius Parreiras, Marcos Felipe Magalhães, Geraldo Xexéo [Game developed at LUDES]

3- Education Track - First Place - Short Article: From Board Game to Digital Game: Prototyping and Transmediation of Screener. Hugo Reis (Graduate IC/UFRJ), Geraldo Xexéo and François Noël (PPGFQM/ICB/UFRJ) [Final Project defended at IC]

4- Health Track - Third Place - Short Article: Superbugs: an educational game about the risk of inappropriate use of antibiotics. Guilherme Souza (IC/UFRJ), Vitor Barcellos (IC/UFRJ), Geraldo Xexéo, Suellen de Oliveira (Fiocruz) [Game developed in a PESC chair]

5- Health Track - Second Place - Short Article: Gobble A Decision Based Game Proposal to Dietary Education. Rafael Batista dos Santos (Master's student PESC/UFRJ), Lucas Oliveira (Master's student PESC/UFRJ) Geraldo Xexéo, Marcus Vinícius Parreiras. [Final Project defended at IC].

The short articles presented report games developed within the scope of Ludes and which were still under construction at the time of article submission, all being part of final projects. The long article, which won second place, reports not only the game, but an important part of its development using simulation methods that allow the game to be balanced. This game is ready for the testing phase today.

We congratulate the students at Ludes, PESC and IC, and also our external collaborators, who participated in these articles.



Published on 11/19/2023.