PESC master's student, Larissa Monteiro da Fonseca Galeno, came first in the Elisa Frota Pessoa competition, organized by the Museum of Tomorrow, in partnership with the Municipal Secretariat of Science and Technology of Rio de Janeiro, in the Exact Sciences - Master's category .

The Competition rewarded the best scientific articles, with the theme: science and technology in promoting gender equality. The title of her article was "ValerIA: application of Large Language Model to promote Gender Equality in Computing".

Larissa is supervised by Prof. Guilherme Travassos and works on a Computer training extension project for high school students with Profs. Geraldo Xexéo and Edmundo Silva.

She is also part of the STEM Equality project in the Data and Knowledge Engineering line. Larissa was a student at the UFRJ Computing Institute, she did her TCC with Prof. Geraldo Xexéo where he also participated in a project to train high school girls in AI following the Heroine Apprentice Journey.

Congratulations Larissa!



Published on 12/07/2023.