Guilherme Horta Travassos
Professores Plenos
Professor Titular - Pesquisador CNPq C (antigo 1C) / Cientista do Nosso Estado

D.Sc., 1994, COPPE/UFRJ

Pos-Doc: 1998/2000:University of Maryland- College Park

Áreas de Interesse:

 Software Engineering of Contemporary Software Systems

 Innovative Software and Startups

Context Awarenees Software Systems

Internet of Things

Industry 4.0


Software Quality and Evolution

Verification, Validation and Testing

Software Interoperability

Maintenance (Software Evolution simulation)

Technical Debt 


 Experimental Software Engineering

Primary Studies: surveys, case studies, action research, simulation based studies, pre-experiments and controlled experiments

Secondary Studies: Systematic Reviews, meta analysis and Strucutured Synthesis Methodology.

Computerized Infra-Structures for supporting Experimentation

Continuous Experimentation

Engenharia de Software
Sala H-318A Gab. C-03